How to donate?

Go to and set up your donation there. You can either make one-time donation at any amount you want or you can set up a recurring donation from $3 up to $50.

After you have donated, send a PM to T/5 Lacey with the email address you used to donate, so that your donation can be identified as coming from you.

Where does my donation go?

100% of Donations go to paying for 29th ID expenses. Below are listed monthly expenses:

Total of $279,16 per month.

Rewards for donating

If a soldier donates total of $20, he/she may use the Thompson submachine gun in pub play, scrims, and even during drills if needed. Usage of this weapon is valid only after the donation has been processed and posted in Promotions and Awards sections of the forums.


For setting up a recurring donation, regardless of the size, a soldier will earn a-two-day weapons pass. Once a donation is processed, send a PM to a Finance Clerk with the dates you want the pass be valid.

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