Weapons Passes are issued to soldiers for recruiting new cadets and for recurring donations, and authorise the soldier to use any weapon/class they want for the duration of the pass.


Use of any weapon or class in our servers for the duration of the pass.

  • Includes sniper and tank as well
  • Applies to public play, scrimmages, and drills


Weapons passes will say on them the start date and end date. The benefit starts on midnight of the start date and ends at 23:59 on the end date.

  • For 1 recruit, soldier is awarded a 2 day pass, generally starting Friday and ending Saturday (issued on a graduation day of the Training Platoon your recruit was in)
  • For each additional recruit that week, soldier is awarded an additional 1 day pass
  • For a recurring donation, soldier is awared a 2 day pass. The dates of the pass needs to PM’d to a Finance Clerk


  • Having a pass does not entitle you to disobey orders from a superior ranking member
  • Having a pass in a scrimmage does not always mean you will get to use whatever you want - you are simply able to if the scrimmage leader allows you to
  • Cadet’s enlistment must be accepted


How do I know when I have a weapons pass?

You will see a notification at the top-right of the forums that looks like this:


What if my recruit didn’t put my name down as his recruiter?

Report this in the Claiming Your Recruit.

What if I won’t be around during the dates on my weapons pass?

Notify the Recruitment Secretary of this and he can change the dates. The recruitment secretary’s name is on the bottom of the weapons pass.

What if I didn’t realise I had a weapons pass?

There isn’t anything we can do if you didn’t log in the forums to see that. If you recruited someone, you should be checking the enlistment office to make sure he recruited anyway, and when you see that he was accepted, you should expect to have a weapons pass that weekend.

I got a recruit - why haven’t I received a weapons pass?

You can contact Recruitment Secretary about this matter. Please keep in mind that your recruit has to be accepted into a BCT. Pending, denied and withdrawn enlistment doesn’t get you any passes. Also keep in mind that weapons passes are issued on a graduation day. (For example if you recruit someone a month before the recruit’s BCT would start, for that recruit in question your pass will be issued on that TP’s graduation day.)


Recurring donations by Lt. Col. Wilson 06-SEP-2011